December 1, 2010

The Complete Far Side 1980-1994 (2 vol set)

The Complete Far Side 1980-1994 (2 vol set)

The Complete Far Side contains every Far Side cartoon ever syndicated - more than 4,000 comic gems, with more than 1,100 that have never previously appeared in book form! Also included is a rare glimpse into the mind of Far Side creator Gary Larson, with his quirky and thoughtful introductions to each of the 14 chapters. Still want more? Complaint letters, fan letters, and queries from puzzled readers round out this eclectic and definitive collection of what many people consider the most side-splitting cartoon of all time. Actor, author, and comedian Steve Martin writes the delightful and pithy foreword, and Larson's former editor describes what it was like to be "the guy who could explain every Far Side cartoon." It's everything you could want from The Far Side - and much, much more!

Revered by fans as the funniest, most original, most "What the ...?" - inspiring cartoon ever, The Far Side last appeared over nine years ago and still boasts millions of rabid devotees. During its 14-year run, the cartoon was syndicated internationally in more than 1,900 daily newspapers, translated into 17 different languages, and spawned 22 Far Side books.

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